DBD – delicious bookmark discovery

Your bookmarks work for you now!

The DBD iPad App puts your del.ico.us or Pinboard bookmarks at the center of the experience, and uses the delicious community to give you ways to find relative information.

Browse and add ‘marks’
Access your recent del.icio.us or Pinboard bookmarks, browse them and add new bookmarks all in the App, or from your iPad’s Safari browser with the DBD bookmarklet.

Keep an eye on your del.icio.us network, browse and add bookmarks you like. See tags from your network’s members and discover what they’re bookmarking.

Email, Twit or share your bookmarks on Facebook, Instapaper and more…

Use your old Delicious, Yahoo and now Pinboard! IDs
Sign In with Delicious and Yahoo! Authentications or Pinboard, we support these ways of getting your recent Delicious or Pinboard Bookmarks into DBD.

DBD - Delicious Bookmark Discovery is not an official application of Del.icio.us from Yahoo! nor affiliated in any way.